About Us

Prestala was founded with a single promise: to do better.

Better than the funders, big and small, who reject businesses that don’t have perfect borrowing histories. Better than the lenders who make business owners wait around for the funds they need. Better than the financial companies who fill their agreements with hidden terms and fees, causing unnecessary hardships for business owners.

Prestala believes that small business is the single most important element in the American economy, and was founded with the local business owner in mind. Small businesses are vital to local communities and, through straightforward financing opportunities, we support their contributions to the areas they serve. We make obtaining Prestala funds a positive experience for our customers by keeping our terms clear and setting interest rates and fees low. Our team of funding advisers is equipped to discuss any financial situation, and our easy application process is designed to fit the needs of the American small business owner. Prestala also values the overall health of your business over your personal credit score, keeping the emphasis on what really matters.

We value keeping an ongoing relationship with our clients and genuinely welcome your feedback. We encourage you to take the first step in that relationship by giving our team of advisors a call at 800.604.5143.