Qualifying Industries

Prestala’s funding programs are available to nearly all small businesses regardless of their industry. We understand the needs of small business owners, and what is required to help your business grow and prosper. Whatever your business specialty, we have a multitude of financing solutions available.

Healthcare and Wellness

In the healthcare industry, small business owners often find themselves in need of medical equipment and skilled staff, which can be a heavy financial burden. Prestala funding for your medical or dental office can be used to finance a number of necessary improvements such as upgrading your waiting room, renovating your lab space, or buying new state-of-the-art medical equipment essential to the success of your business. Prestala strives to help your business so you can focus on what matters: helping others.

Retail and Manufacturing

Prestala can help your retail establishment stay current with the latest trends and keep your customers happy with a new stock of seasonal items. Manufacturing your own materials may require updating your means of inventory storage or purchasing new equipment to meet the growing demands for your product. Your business will likely require hiring a temporary staff for the busy holiday season or marketing your new product lines, which can all be easily accomplished through our hassle-free funding process.

Hospitality and Service

Prestala can find the right financing option for your hospitality or service business when you’re having difficulty keeping up with the perpetually fluctuating demands of the industry. We’re here to help you expand your bar or restaurant, renovate your dining space, purchase new kitchen equipment or hire more staff for your hotel. We want to help your business stay strong while you serve others, and still have enough put away for a rainy day!


Through Prestala you can finance all your automotive business needs essential for success in the competitive automotive industry. Whether you require a skilled mechanic, a large commercial space, an effective marketing campaign, or regular equipment inspections and registration, Prestala funding can help you meet your business needs the quick and reliable way.

Financing your business with Prestala ensures that you receive the funds you need when you need them. To learn more about how Prestala can help your small business grow, contact one of our experts at 800.604.5143.